Societal Impact & Global Management Alliance

Who we are

SIGMA is a network of universities established in 2015 to promote cooperation on research endeavors, teaching innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge in management and the social sciences. SIGMA partners embrace a holistic, rigorous, and collaborative approach to work in the fields of leadership, social responsibility and sustainability, to address societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

SIGMA partners

SIGMA Activities

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Research endeavours

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Teaching innovation

Mission, vision and values

SIGMA is an alliance of like-minded universities that cooperate on research endeavors, teaching innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge.
Its joint purposes are to:



Embrace a holistic approach to academic research, teaching, and the dissemination of knowledge on management and social sciences. This approach is based on the principles of responsibility and sustainability, and benefits the well-being, freedom, and prosperity of humanity.



Acknowledge and actively address the social responsibility that we have for our employees, students, and stakeholders, as well as our peers and society worldwide.



Support collaboration and exchange to enable our students, faculty, and staff to learn from each other’s expertise and work together to shape an inclusive and sustainable society.



Raise awareness of our activities’ social and economic impact on personal, institutional, regional, and international levels.



Create an environment in which researchers, educators, and students all have the opportunity to actively engage in research and education regarding the social impact of management education and decisions on a global scale.



Disseminate our findings in society, government, and the business community, as well as among students and other stakeholders.